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Because this is how you get to people in their homes.

We handle email marketing from A to Z

We’ve been writing email newsletters for a long time and for a huge variety of clients, be they highly technical software companies, hosting services, politicians, designer furniture shops, or even online gaming and gambling firms.

Our team can take care of every single detail of your email marketing campaigns – including making them GDPR-compliant. All you need to do is provide us with your list of email addresses (which we will never divulge or share with anyone) and we’ll set up the platform, create a template which closely matches your existing website and brand design guidelines, write the content and handle send outs and reporting. Like we said, every detail, start to finish.

We can tie in the email marketing campaign we create for your organisation to your existing marketing calendar, or else you can leave it up to us to time the delivery.

If you prefer, we can also just write newsletters for you and send you the finished email so you can handle the rest.

Desktop & mobile-friendly email newsletter sendouts

We have handled email newsletter marketing for Betsson, BMIT, Computime Software, Enrico Travel, EuroBridge, Golden Gate, and many more.

We know what needs to be said, how it should be said, the shape of the email (yes, the actual shape, after all, that kind of thing matters and sending out a huge block of text isn’t likely to work), how to avoid getting caught in spam filters, staying abreast of the law and all the inner workings of a good email marketing campaign.

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