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A couple of years back we told you that email marketing isn’t dead just yet.

And, well, we were right.

It’s now 2016 and not only has email marketing not died, but it’s still growing in reach and sophistication. We won’t bore you by going over the many many advantages of email marketing again – if you want to read up on those you can check out this article – but we’re still going to be pretty adamant about how great automated emails and marketing automation are in general.

Looking at the statistics alone, we know that as of this year email marketing has proven to provide businesses with a huge 3800% ROI (Return on Investment) on average, and that it gives back $38 for every buck you spend on it. If you think these numbers sound good, you should check out the rest of the massive list of statistics related to the benefits of email marketing to really knock your socks off.

But, aside from the official statistics, we also have our own results to prove how alive email marketing and email automation is. After all, our team likes to put its money where its mouth is and we’ve been hard at work the past two years.

Take a look below to get an idea of the response rate we got from the marketing automation campaigns we launched on behalf of our clients:

You might be thinking that that’s all well and good, but that getting one person to open an email that one time doesn’t necessarily translate into client-base growth or an increase in subscribers to your brand. And you’d be right.

But, if we look at the following infographics, we can clearly see this subscriber increase traced out over the months of our campaigns.

The bottom line is that automated emails that are written and planned well work. Your client base will grow and your business will definitely benefit from it. We know it from tried and tested first-hand experience.

Now that we’ve reaffirmed the success of email marketing, it’s time to talk about the tools (or, rather, tool) you need to pull off said successful marketing. Most others in our line of work would say ‘MailChimp’, but we’ve kind of deviated from that.

Bye Bye Mailchimp

Yes, we know we’ve gone on and on about how much we love Mailchimp before and we’ve always used its services to their full potential in our work. But that was then and this is now.

It’s not that Mailchimp sucks, because it doesn’t, and we still use it for some things, and for clients that prefer it, but we find that Campaign Monitor is better.


Where do we start?

Campaign Monitor has worked with big brands like Rip Curl, BuzzFeed, Nicki Minaj, Rolling Stone, UNICEF, Jack Daniels, Adidas, Sephora, Beck, Virgin, Converse, Red Bull, Mazda … anyway, you get the picture. Those are a very few names from the total of 4 million that reached out to use Campaign Monitor this year alone.

We’ve learnt that Campaign Monitor is email marketing and email automation for the pros. We know that we write content for the pros. The rest of our decision on moving onto Campaign Monitor was based on simple formulaic math.

Feather fluffing aside, we fell in love with Campaign Monitor for a whole plethora of reasons. You can watch demos for most of them on their own site, but we’re breaking down our personal favourites right here.

    Campaign Monitor is really pretty. And that’s important given that so much of modern marketing is dependent on design and visuals. You can choose the email format you want from their professionally-designed templates and then customise the email using your own company’s branding. Fonts, sharpness of images, eye-catching layouts – Campaign Monitor does it all for you.

    All you need is vision, and if you don’t have that, we can provide it for you.

    Using Campaign Monitor is straightforward. It has drag-and-drop features which make everyone’s lives easier and which means you can maximise on time and efficiency. Building emails has never been so simple.

    Automated emails that are also successful are no joke. Creating a narrative of your brand through follow-up emails based on a strict timeline can be difficult, to say the least. But email automation is the number 1 way of hooking new clients, and then reeling them in safely. Campaign Monitor knows this, and has made the creation of your brand’s journey as painless as possible.

    Sending out the emails is one thing, keeping track of their results is another. Campaign Monitor is great at keeping track of all the relevant information and analytics you’ll need, and makes communication between ourselves and our clients that much smoother too.

    How do I start using Campaign Monitor?

    And do you even want to?

    The entire concept of email automation might still sound a little complicated for those of you out there whose area of expertise doesn’t fall under content writing and marketing. That’s understandable – and that’s where people like us come in.

    If you like the sound of Campaign Monitor, and want to start using it to send emails to your client list but you’re not sure how to, then you’re in luck. Systemato is now offering #EmailMarketingOnDemand.


    All you have to do is fill out a simple form on our website to order an email newsletter marketing sendout. It’s over in just a few basic steps.

    First, type in your name and surname, email address, the company that you’re representing and your phone number.

    Second, choose what type of email list you have or want: whether you’re going to use your own list of emails (which will be kept highly confidential, duh!), or you already have a list hosted with Systemato and you want to use that, or if you want to rent a list from us.

    Third, tell us exactly when you want to email to go out – down to the precise time.

    Fourth, give us the details of what you want the email to say and do, including any images and extra bits of information you want added. The form allows you to upload any images or documents you want us to see and use in the email.

    Lastly, click ‘Submit Form’ and you’re done!


    The rest is up to us. We’ll write out the email you want making sure that it’ll be effective as possible in its purpose, and then send it out to your client base once it’s been approved.

    Don’t be a stranger to your clients, click here to get sending. If you keep in touch with your customers, they’ll keep in touch with your brand.

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