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Q: What do people love more than a great party?

A: A great party that’s also free.

To celebrate Diamond Lounge reaching 10,000 likes on Facebook, we decided to do something memorable. We put our heads together with the client, and came up with the idea of offering their followers a chance to enjoy the ultimate private party on a luxury double decker limousine.

The premise was simple. When the page hit 10K likes, we uploaded a post announcing the promotion:

We like to keep things simple on social, because when most people are scrolling mindlessly through their feeds, it’s better to get their attention quick and keep things snappy.

Friendly tip: Using the word free tends to work wonders in terms of response! 😉

Here are the numbers straight from our social dashboard for this campaign:




  • Nearly 50,000 people saw the post – 82% of which were reached organically.

Despite the minimal ad budget we had thrown behind this particular post, its irresistible offer helped spread far and wide thanks to the people who followed the page, and it all snowballed from there.

The result? Tonnes of exposure for our client just before the summer season and a select group of people got to have the night of their lives aboard the hottest ride in Malta.

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