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We have some pretty big Systemato news in this blog post! We are very proud to announce that here at Systemato we’ve partnered with the hugely awaited Startup Weekend event which is happening at Smart City in Malta in June 2013.

Operating with the tagline ‘Sun Sea Sand Surf and Startups‘, Startup Weekend Malta is a not for profit event which invites entrepreneurs, businesspeople, geeks, techies and generally interesting people to come together and bash heads for a weekend of startup action!

Start ups at the Startup Weekend Malta get the opportunity to pitch their ideas, receive feedback from an audience comprised of their peers, and then create business models, code, make beautiful designs, market validations and much, much more, all in the sprit of the fast moving start up.

startup weekend malta

Startup Weekend events are a worldwide happening and whenever and wherever one of them is held in the world, the aim is the same – for participants to leave the event much better prepared to weather the storm in the world of rough seas that startups are renowned to live in!


Now here comes the bit that really concerns us at Systemato.  We’re offering a prize to the wining startup!

The prize is an extensive and exclusive consultancy session in which we will sit down with the winner and help him/her/them in developing a completely ironclad and comprehensive content and social media plan. Even if we say so ourselves, this is a pretty awesome prize given that we normally price something like this in the hundreds of euro,

Having a proper social media and content plan is a certain route for the winning start up company to start off on the right foot when it comes to social, with all social bases covered. Having your social media bases covered is an advantage that even many well established local companies continue to ignore, much to their detriment.


Systemato founder, social media expert and our resident spreadsheet ninja Carla Maree Vella went on to say-

‘ is very proud to sponsor Startup Weekend Malta and in our little way help to build the startup ecosystem here in Malta. I am well aware that startups are plagued with a unique set of problems, however, startup life is unique and highly exciting! On behalf of myself and the team here at Systemato, I’m overjoyed to be able to somehow assist any of these exciting startups in any way.’

The Startup Weekend Malta will be held between Friday, 7 June 2013 at 18:00 and Sunday, 9 June 2013 at 21:00 at Smart City, Ricasoli, Malta. For more details, consult with Malta Startup Weekend official website on

To learn more about the social media services we provide here at Systemato, go to the Services page here on our website –

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