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It’s been a busy year so far here at Systemato, what with travel, work, getting new people on board and everything else. So, let’s start in chronological order.

Affiliate Summit West 2013 ended in January and damn, has it been a dream since then!

The 26 hours travel time to Vegas notwithstanding, the summit was a great opportunity for us to catch up with the industry we work in, hang out with like minded people and meet friends old and new. Affiliate Summit is like the Coachella of online marketing after all!



Perhaps most significantly, as Carla told me in an aside one day, the best thing about attending events such as Affiliate Summit is being surrounded by people who actually get what you do for a living. The typical reaction we get is more along the lines of “oh yeah, you work online from home, you must be on Facebook clicking cows all day”. Needless to say, this reaction is not always met politely 😛

In any case, Affiliate Summit was great even if it did leave us drained with all the rush from meetings to keynotes and back. We had an awesome time and learnt lots of new things as well as reinforced a number of ideas.

We also made a surprising win this time around! While it’s true that the house always wins, and especially so in Vegas, Carla won us something extremely cool, something which I had spotted on supergeek Stephen Fry’s Gadget Man TV show n December and I thought “Wow, how cool is that!” It’s an Ostrich Pillow which tired ubergeeks like us can use to powernap at their desks. We won this awesome pillow courtesy of VoloMP who emailed me with the most brilliant subject line ever – “You won! (seriously)“.

Here’s the winning pic of Carla wearing the pillow.

Carla wearing the winning Ostrich Pillow, courtesy of VoloMP

Carla wearing the winning Ostrich Pillow, courtesy of VoloMP

In addition, we met a number of really cool people, from people we collaborated and worked with over the years yet had never met in the flesh, to others whom we consider rockstars in the online marketing arena. There’s a few pics of us with these awesome people.

Systemato team in Vegas (drinks not pictured)

Systemato team in Vegas (drinks not pictured)


Partying with LinkConnector


Carla and Mark with Per, whom we finally got to meet!


Carla with Murray Newlands, the Brit in San Fran!


Carla with rockstar online marketer and optimizer Tim Ash

After the Affiliate Summit, coming back to Malta we got thrust into lots and lots of work, including this brand new website which has been updated in a huge way. Hope you like it as much as we do; it took a lot of work and TLC to get it to where it’s at now!

Check out our newly updated team page, to learn more about who we are here behind the screen, or perhaps the brand new Clients page to see who’s gotten some Systemato treatment on their web side of business!

Of course, if you check out the Services page you’ll be able to see exactly how we can help you and your business, or just get in touch with us here!

Until next time, take care!

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