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First off, I admit fully and to all charges that this site has not been updated in quite a few months. What I’m about to embark on is a set of reasons, not excuses, as to why this is the case.

Both Carla and myself have been busier than a couple of mice hoarding up for a long winter. Work has been plentiful and bountiful, to the extent that finding time to cook and do the dishes and in my case, shave, has been harder than ever. Ok, slight exaggeration maybe, but not quite a lie.

Online marketing gorilla ninja on the loose.

Among the things we’ve been working on we can list –

  • A veritable motherload of content for our Swedish clients ReQtest, ranging from blog posts of all shapes and sizes to a set of videos and cartoons.
  • CouponsHelper reached a half million downloads which is impressive to say the least, even if we do say so ourselves.
  • Carla’s health and wellness page DrDietRight is doing very well and people from all corners of the world are not only following the site, but also volunteering their own content and experiences.
  • Lots and lots of content for Mark’s igaming clients at Betsson, especially around the Christmas season.
  • We have successfully partnered with fellow Maltese company Switch and have become their strategic partners for any social media endeavours they take on. We worked on a proposal for a large Maltese brand together and work should be starting on this front very soon.

This year started on quite a high as the opportunity presented itself for us to go to Affiliate Summit West 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yay, Vegas baby!

Apart from beating the house at baccarat and attending the awesome, eye-opening sessions at ASW13, our intentions for Affiliate Summit West 2013 are as follows –

  • Find more suitable merchants and fellow fitness bloggers for DrDietRight.
  • More of the above plus exclusive coupons for CouponsHelper.
  • Meet up with the good people at HootSuite and bug them with ‘pertinent’ questions.
  • Find networks with major lingerie brands (yeah baby!) for another of our sites, Buy4Boobs.
  • Look for a suitable network willing to host an affiliate program for the adult entertainment industry.
  • Meet awesome companies who need kick ass writers to help out with the content on their sites.
  • Talk to people who don’t quite get social media yet and help them to become more social. We can help you create a kickass plan!
  • Ask our existing merchants nicely (but firmly) for higher commissions.
  • Attend all the parties and dance on tables.

If you’re attending Affiliate Summit and want to get in touch, you can do so here (or just email us directly). We won’t be bringing our gorilla/bunny costumes to get noticed, but if you notice us around and want to talk, we are best approached with coffee in hand. Seriously though, do come say hi. Find our likenesses below –

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