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Casa Bernard

A living museum in Rabat, Malta

A home for history & culture

Casa Bernard is a 16th century palazzo in Rabat Malta. It is not a museum as such but a private family home, combining beautiful architectural features with a rich historical evolution starting off from Roman times to the Mediaeval and to the time of the Knights of St John.

The Magris, owners and residents of Casa Bernard are a Rabat institution, and one of the best reasons to visit their delightful home. They poured their hearts and souls into the restoration of the beautiful property, and are overjoyed to share its quirks and riches with visitors from all far flung corners of the globe.

So contagious is the Magris’ enthusiasm, that for years now, Casa Bernard has been ranked as the #1 of things to do in Rabat by TripAdvisor.

Hark back, look forward

Following a tumultuous pandemic period that greatly disrupted the daily tours at Casa Bernard, owners Josette & Georges Magri decided that a new website in keeping with the times was needed.

Rather than overcomplicating things and proposing some enormous web portal with fancy bells and whistles, we devised a simple, lightweight, quick, and easy-to-use one-page website that does it all for the Magris and Casa Bernard.

The website showcases Casa Bernard, offering a glimpse of what lies within via a video and various photos, shares a little bit of history, introduces the hosts, and crucially, allows would-be visitors a quick and easy way to email the Magris and arrange a personal tour.

We could have gone all out and created a full feature booking and payments system, but that is not what the clients wanted; their system is one honed over 2 decades and they know what works for them, so our role is to use the tech to assist, not disrupt.

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