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The Millennial’s Guide to Living Independently

Services provided: content writing, social media marketing, web design & development, branding & design

Systemato & Faċendi.

Faċendi Malta is a new blog idea which was spun-off from one of our retail clients and quickly took on a life of its own. The website aims to become a reference point for young people in Malta who want to learn the basic skills required to live independently in their homes.

Despite still being in its early stages, Faċendi’s has already managed to attract many followers on its social media channels, who are keen on sharing advice and ideas to make life as a newbie homeowner more enjoyable and stress-free.

Systemato took complete ownership of this idea and handled everything that was necessary to make it a reality, starting from preliminary research and branding to web design and content writing. The team publishes two blog posts every month, sometimes with input from guest bloggers who are experts in areas such as fitness, meal planning, home cleaning, and more.

We also set up a social media presence for Faċendi and manage its Facebook page and group, where most of the interaction with the growing community of fans takes place. Currently, we are working on expanding this niche project even further, with the goal of transforming the blog into a comprehensive media platform.

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