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Sammut Specialists

Open your mouth and say “Wow!”

Services provided: content writing, social media marketing, web design & development, branding & design

Systemato & Sammut Specialists.

Sammut Specialists is an advanced dental clinic that specialises in the management of periodontal disease, advanced restorative dentistry and dental implants. Their practice has been providing dental services to the community for 135 years, with a history that stretches back to colonial times in Malta.

While their dedication to the dentistry hasn’t changed a bit in 2020, their web presence was getting with a history that stretches back to colonial times in Malta. Sammut Specialists Advanced Dental Clinic teamed up with Systemato to redesign their website, write new text, and implement a social media strategy that would take advantage of all the ways patients can connect to the practice and book treatments online.

A new set of pearly whites.

Systemato tackled the job as a multi-part project, which saw our design and content teams work hand-in-hand to build the new website page by page, while keeping an open line of communication with the client to receive their feedback and act upon it quickly.

Thanks to our experience of working with clients in highly specialised and technical fields, including medical professionals, we were able to research and prepare content that explained the different treatments available at Sammut Specialists in layperson’s terms. Combined with a clean and contemporary website design, users now had access to all the information they wanted about procedures, including various ways to contact the clinic, all at their fingertips.

As soon as the website was live, we proceeded to launch a social media campaign to promote Sammut Specialists and encourage people to inform themselves about the dental services available at the practice.

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