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The Skin Studio

Much more than skin deep

Systemato & The Skin Studio.

Founded by the two Sarahs, Sara Cosaitis and Sarah Grech, The Skin Studio is a boutique med-aesthetic clinic in San Ġwann, Malta.

As two young nurses, they dreamed of opening their own med-aesthetics clinic, and after finally taking the plunge in 2014, The Skin Studio is going strong as one of the foremost clinics on the islands.

Since day one, the Sarahs have sought to offer top quality, professional, and inclusive aesthetic services at their clinic, ranging from laser hair removal using lasers by Candela, botox & fillers, semi permanent makeup, beauty treatments, makeup, peels & derma-rollers, and dermaoxy.

No-shame marketing

If there was one thing we didn’t want to be guilty of when taking on The Skin Studio as a marketing account, it’s falling prey to the tired old cliches of marketing with before/after photos, or worse still, by appealing to cheap, base messaging that shames people based on how they look.

It is far too easy to do that, but we don’t agree that’s the only way to promote a med-aesthetic clinic. Instead, we focused on the highly varied clientele of The Skin Studio which includes, one may be surprised to learn, men and women of all shapes and sizes.

Never too obvious.

Falling into the trap of plastering all kinds of hot models and before and after pics on a med-aesthetic is an easy pitfall indeed.

It was, however, decided very early on that we wanted nothing so obvious and crass on this website, and it was too be tasteful and subtle. After all, med-aesthetic treatments are for everyone and for a vast variety of reasons, and certainly not the domain of the living gods among us.

And it was the theme of gods that we finally settled on, through the beauty of classical sculpture. The end result, an informative, comprehensive, and highly functional website that not once makes any suggestion how anyone should look, and doesn’t even infer it by way of a photo of smily happy well-toned people.

More importantly still, the website is now a key part of the back-of-house machine at The Skin Studio, empowering this fledgling clinic to accept bookings more efficiently, and provide all important info right from their website.

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