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The Perks of Being Small: Embrace Your Inner Underdog!

Picture this: they’re the giants of your industry, strutting around with their big teams, fat wallets, and an air of superiority.

They seem to have got it all: reputation, resources, fancy branding. They’re established, and they’re your competition. Everywhere you turn, their ads are in your face, their name is splashed across the media, and your dream clients seem to flock to them.

But let me tell you something they also have: a whole lot of baggage.

Bigger isn’t always better, my friend. While they may have the size advantage, they’re burdened with bloat, overflowing obligations, and the need to keep up appearances. They’re weighed down by their own success.

These giants do as giants do; they’re slow, conservative, they’ve become complacent, resting on their own weight and gliding on their reputation. They’re playing defensively, scared to take risks. They’ve got so much to lose that they’ve forgotten what it’s like to be hungry, driven, and gritty.

That’s where we come in.

As a small player, we think we’ve got something they can’t buy with all their money and resources: the underdog spirit. The grit. The hustle.

We don’t have it all, and that’s precisely why we’re dangerous, because we have to be clever and creative, making up for resources we lack with pure determination and smart thinking.

Being small is not a stepping stone to something greater; it’s already pretty good in itself. It’s about being faster, better, and more agile.

We love being a small digital agency because it keeps us nimble, scrappy, and agile. Our idea of perfection isn’t a bloated, cumbersome machine—it’s a well-honed, well-oiled, lean, portable powerhouse.

Being small means we do have time to care about our clients. We can be flexible and work with or around you, instead of only our way. We can push your urgent work to be done today, because we’re small. We don’t waste time or resources because our small size means we can’t afford to. Because we’re small, we aren’t focused on a single task or specialisation, so we can do a little (or a lot) of everything for you.

Being small doesn’t mean you’re less than. It means you’re greater than the sum of your parts.

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