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I learnt a lot from three years of psychotherapy.

The sessions were always held for a group of people, and they were intended partly to train us become professional therapists and partly to help us deal with real-life problems.

If you joined in on any of these sessions, you would have noticed that there were certain phrases the teacher would repeat often. One of them was “trust the process”.

That phrase stuck with me the most.

Your process determines your performance

Without a process, all the talent and all the tech in the world won’t do you or your business any good.

Process is what sets apart the pros from the posers.

Just like the constitution of the UK, the process we use at Systemato hasn’t been formally codified.

We do have a team handbook that we use to help new co-workers gain the minimum amount of knowledge they need to ease their integration into the team, but otherwise our work process remains largely unwritten.

So where does our process exist?

The answer to that is, “Somewhere in between us all“.

It is the result of many small and large decisions we have taken over the years, for example, staying lean, or working remotely.

The results of these decisions have led us to either repeat those same decisions or else attempt something new. Of course, I’m talking about our team culture.

The process forms an undeniably large part of the common intellectual property that makes Systemato what it is today.

Like any civilised culture, we try to pass down this know-how to new generations of writers who are willing to learn our traditions. This happens every time we are planning a new project, communicating about an active task, or reflecting about work we completed.

Why we aren’t afraid to punch above our weight

It’s all thanks to process. Whether we’re working on small tasks at very short notice or large tasks at reasonable notice, we rarely get caught off guard because we know exactly what needs to happen next.

The wonderful thing about traditions like ours is that they scale admirably, if not in terms of the precise means of execution, then of the winning principles behind them.

This is the reason why a bunch of writers working from their homes, offices or anywhere Wi-Fi is available were able to:

Process is an incredibly useful tool, but our trust in it isn’t blind.

Every precedent we set could be challenged by what follows after it.

On every rule we have, there hangs an exception that might crush it at any moment.

There is a process to managing our process, and each new client, project or subtask gives us an opportunity to keep making it better.

So besides our tech and our talent, Systemato offers your business a tried-and-tested method that has consistently delivered results, and which is optimised and streamlined, every day.

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