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Birdlife Malta

Longstanding environmental NGO in Malta

Services provided: content writing, web design & development, branding & design, social media

The oldest environmental organisation in Malta

If there is one NGO in Malta that does not require an introduction, that would certainly be Birdlife. As the pre-eminent NGO in charge of the conservation efforts especially related to all kinds of avian life-forms on the island, Birdlife has a long history of activism and a hallowed status as a strong powerful pressure group that is well-organized and has it going for them. 

Here at Systemato, we are very much nature lovers and driven by respect for sustainability practices espoused by Birdlife and similar NGOs. So it was with great enthusiasm that we took the Birdlife project on. 

Taking flight

What Birdlife required from Systemato was deceptively simple. Essentially, they needed to create a brand new system to handle sales of annual memberships to Birdlife members, integrating this to a payment provider, and ensuring that annual memberships become automatically renewable products rather than having to manually email and renew memberships of hundreds of Birdlife members every year. 

We developed a landing page aimed at optimizing and raising the conversion rates of users who land on the page to then become signed up and fully paid-up Birdlife members, as well as set up the entire back end of the process with a payment provider, creating a number of different products according to different membership tiers that Birdlife has available to the public. 

In addition, we also formed a digital marketing strategy for a campaign of two months in order to boost membership numbers.  This campaign included the design and management of social pages as well as advertising as part of the campaign plan, plus management of Google Ads campaigns using display advertising. 

The campaign was a success with many new members signing up, and the fulcrum of the whole exercise, that is the moving of existing membership back office processes to an entirely automated cloud system, was incredibly successful and went off without a hitch. 

We are super proud of the work that we carried out for Birdlife and hope to continue supporting them in their quest and vision for years to come.

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