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Great things are cooking at 211 Republic Street

Services provided: content writing, social media marketing, google ads & ppc advertising, branding & design, photography, video production

Systemato & Noni.

Chef Jonathan Brincat has built quite a reputation in the catering and hospitality business, but his latest venture is simply capital. “Noni” is the name of the restaurant he opened in Valletta with his sister and restaurant manager Ritienne; the name itself is a nod to the family nickname that has stuck for two generations.

Together with their closely-knit team, Jonathan and Ritienne offer patrons who are looking for a high-end gastronomic experience in the city a chance to dine inside an expertly-converted and historical venue that has been closely linked with food and hospitality for over two centuries.

In 2020, Noni was selected as one of the three One Star restaurants in Malta’s first ever Michelin Guide.

From Facebook to fork.

Besides working on the content for Noni’s website before the restaurant’s launch, Systemato has been managing the brand’s social media presence on Facebook and Instagram.

Our team designs and publishes weekly posts to promote bookings, and spread the word among foodies eager to try something new. We also set up and manage tailored digital advertising campaigns for Noni across different online platforms.

Capture motion and emotion.

In January 2019, the Systemato video production team headed to NONI for a day, where we filmed the brigade and their most popular offerings. The end result is 3 documentary/commercial videos, each centred around a crowd favourite dish at NONI.

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