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Saint James Hospital is Malta’s top private hospital group, comprising two hospitals and clinics spread around Malta that offer a full range of medical and healthcare services, ranging from blood tests to diagnostic scans, and from cosmetic to major surgery. The group aims to provide outstanding medical services in a safe and caring environment, backed by modern technology and skilled professional staff. This ensures that Saint James Hospital enjoys a high rate of patient satisfaction while securing their roles as leaders in the caring profession in Malta.

“Mark is a focused and talented copywriter. He engaged immediately with our team and project and developed excellently written content that fitted precisely with our brand positioning.”

Antonella Cachia
Marketing Executive, 6PM Solutions

Giving marketing a shot in the arm

Systemato liaises regularly with the internal team to plan, execute and review their digital marketing strategy throughout the year. Besides proposing new ideas and collaborating with the client to reach their digital marketing goals, we also manage their social media channels and lend a hand in creating social posts.

Saint James Hospital also calls upon us to run paid search marketing campaigns and design internal collateral that is circulated among patients and visitors in their clinics, or used in outreach programmes organised by the group and at events.

Website Redesign

One of the most significant projects that our team managed for Saint James Hospital was a complete redesign of their website. This job had to be done in multiple stages due to the size and complexity of the existing content.

The first step was to audit the entire existing website: locating and cataloguing all of its pages and media assets. With this information in hand, we could build a new site architecture that organised the pages more logically from the user’s perspective. We then edited and rewrote the content extensively to lighten the considerable information load. Every page was subsequently fine-tuned in a series of revision rounds where feedback was given by staff working in each department.

Finally, the entire website design was redone in a sleeker and more modern look, which also improved user-friendliness and usability on mobile devices. By focusing on patients’ needs, we were able to create a website that would help them find essential health information more quickly and efficiently.

Services Provided

Digital Marketing Strategy

Content Writing


Social Media Marketing

Online Advertising

Web Design

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