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STEP is a company specialising in ISO 9001 certifications. STEP has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year. Systemato has aided STEP by providing bespoke, highly keyworded SEO content for a number of STEP’s website properties.

Our collaboration didn’t stop there. STEP turned to Systemato again when they wanted their website to reflect the company’s growth over the years, including the addition of new certifications and training courses to their services portfolio.

“Mark helped us in defining who we are and what we do for online marketing purposes. He and his team did a great job in polishing up our work and showcasing it such that we are now in the best position online.”

Stefan Debono
Managing Director, STEP

One step forward

This content strikes a balance between technical and highly specific content, but can still be easily understood by the reader at first glance. We’ve written content for STEP’s website, provided our words for video scripts, consulted STEP on overall web strategy and online architecture and provided our assistance with copy for printed brochures.

Eventually, our team was roped in again to update the website. We created a new and improved design, and re-wrote most of the content to include the company’s recent achievements..

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