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Making online life easier for the biggest name in cleaning

Services provided: web design & e-commerce development, content writing, social media marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, google ads & ppc advertising, design, video production

Systemato & Vileda.

People love their Vileda products. A quick scroll through comments on their Facebook page reveals a passionate and loyal community that’s always ready to help others by exchanging cleaning tips and sharing their favourite cleaning tools. Being a Vileda customer is therefore as much about individual choice and convenience, as it is about being part of a group that cares deeply about house care.

As the tagline goes: “Vileda makes my life easier”. So why was the brand still finding it challenging to convince local customers to buy cleaning products online? As a marketing agency, we had our job cut out for us. Our mission: convincing Vileda’s key over-35 demographic to adopt online shopping, and introducing the range to younger generations.

We presented the client with a comprehensive marketing strategy to meet their business goals, which our team would be in charge of executing over a number of months across a number of digital channels.

A marketing mix as diverse as their product range.

Our first step was to push the benefits of shopping online and come up with irresistible offers that would initiate the first wave of customers to switch over to buying their supplies online. We then leaned into the traction created by these early adopters to pull in doubters and laggards; eventually shifting our focus beyond this key demographic to market to a more diverse clientele, because everyone wants a clean home, right?

This was achieved by creating and promoting original, educational content about cleaning, with a special focus on eco-friendliness and equitable sharing of household chores. This approach helped us strike a chord with the older generation, who loves learning new tricks, as well as younger customers, who will appreciate tips about keeping home tidy.

As Vileda didn’t have any ongoing marketing campaigns when we stepped in, our people tuned into their needs and launched various initiatives, including partnering with influencer Clare Agius to promote sponsored videos and posts, especially on Instagram stories. We also assisted the client with tasks related to website maintenance and internal presentations.

Converting likes into sales

Systemato was crucial in introducing and expanding certain marketing techniques, such as using Google Ads to increase brand and product visibility with search and display marketing, resulting in substantial conversions. In response to interest in educational social media posts, we decided to expand our educational outreach by launching a blogging platform, where our writers would share cleaning tips and explore the benefits of Vileda products.

When Vileda wanted to promote online shopping to its customers and their free home delivery service, we came up with an animated advert that conveyed this message as a short story. The promo was used on Facebook and integrated into our Google ads strategy.

As Covid-19 hit in early 2020, the need for a fresh new website and an online store with increased functionality became as apparent as ever. We approached this project with our UX hats firmly on, and carried out extensive user research to best understand our target users and their requirements for a smooth online shopping experience. In January 2021, we launched the new Vileda Malta website with a new look, fresh content, and informative product pages.

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